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Ed Kachurik knows your cherished memories are precious reminders of the Love, Warmth, and
Presence of the Spirit of your Dearly Departed Family Member, Loved One, Friend or Beloved Family Pet.

Inspired by this insight & understanding, Ed designs and creates unique Memorial Glass Art Sculptures,
infused with a small amount of your Loved one's Cremains.

Each Sculpture is an Original, Handmade Piece, created by utilizing a Veiling technique,
a subtle and beautiful process which creates his stunning layers of color.

For Millenniums, people have yearned to memorialize their Loved ones in unique and meaningful ways.

Fundamentally, a heartfelt memorial brings mental and emotional health & healing to those of us who
wish to maintain a true and powerful connection with our Loved Ones who have made their transition,
and nothing accomplishes this ideal more profoundly than an original,
Custom Glass Art Memorial Sculpture, on display in the intimate surroundings of your own home.

This is a unique opportunity to honor and memorialize your Loved Ones,
through the talented and inventive hands of a world renowned Glass Artist.

These breathtaking memorials are a daily and present reminder of the Love, Kindness,
Strength, and Affection you have shared with those you Love, for a Lifetime, and beyond!

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Malcolm came to us with a special request.
He wanted to honor his wife in a unique and personalized way.
He requested that Ed design a Custom Cremation Sculpture with his Wife’s Cremains infused in the glass.
The “Spirit Beam” Cremation Sculpture was created to fulfill his request.
The Spirit Beam has been created for other people looking for a unique way to Memorialize their Loved Ones.
These breathtaking Memorials are a daily and present reminder of the Love, Kindness, Strength, and Affection you have shared with those you Love, for a Lifetime, and beyond!

In Malcolm's words:

Wendy was my wife and best friend for 35 years. At the age of 54 she passed away after a courageous battle with cancer. She had been the light in my life, and for our five children, throughout our marriage.

In keeping with her wishes, Wendy was cremated and her ashes were spread in the mountains from which we had always drawn inspiration. But I had also kept some of her ashes believing that someday I would find a purpose for them. Then last year I was struck with the idea that her ashes could be mixed with glass and shaped into a sculpture.

Years ago I had purchased a Christmas tree ornament that was made from the volcanic ash of Mt Saint Helens. Surely, there was something similar that could be made from memorial ashes. But my internet searches all came up either empty or tacky and I was losing hope. And then I recalled a glass artist who had made wonderful sculptures which my company had commissioned as awards for our colleagues and customers.

I reached out to Ed and Carol Kachurik to see if they would have any interest in my wife’s memorial.
To my delight, not only did they have an interest, but they had ideas and it was from these that Wendy’s Memorial Flame was realized. I had them produce one for myself, each of our children and two of our closest friends.

Working with Ed and Carol, as we co-created these extraordinary pieces of art, was a tremendous experience for which I will always be grateful. These beautiful sculptures were the best Christmas gifts I have ever given anyone. And Wendy’s light now shines brightly once again for all of us.



Gone Fishin’

I don’t even know where to begin…maybe I should start by telling you that my big brother meant all the world to me. My brother loved fishing more than ANYTHING! He would say, “the worst day of fishin’ was better than the best day at work.” Unfortunately, a couple of years ago the world lost the best fisherman.

Memorials come in all kinds of materials, shapes and sizes. Some are concrete; some metal, while others are marble. Seldom does a memorial reflect the essence and spirit of a person. Master Glass Artisan, Ed Kachurik has the extremely rare talent to do just that.

I am so very moved by Ed’s creation, “Gone Fishin’.” Ed literally and figuratively captured the person, spirit and soul of my brother, Frank. The swirls of water encompassing the cremains reflect the ever-flowing light-hearted spirit that truly was my brother. The wave rising up out of the eddy of water captures the energy and determination Frank always possessed. The midnight moon floating between the water and the stars ensures a sense of peacefulness to this beautiful memorial. The detailed etched trophy fish truly reminds me of my brother, “the big fish that got away.”

I am honored to have such a beautiful one of a one-of-a-kind piece of glass artwork. I initially gave Ed a general idea of what I was looking for in a memorial. It was amazing how Ed utilized his artistic ability and reflective interpretation in creating such a personal tribute. Each and every day I look at this beautiful piece of glass art. Each and every day I am amazed and moved. Thank You Ed!




A dog, cat, guinea pig, what have you, is often more than just a pet. Such as it was with Timber, our Irish Setter, who was an integral member of the family for 17 years. My son, Andrew was just 4 years old when Timber became part of our family.

I heard of Ed Kachurik’s unique talent of embedding cremains into beautiful pieces of glass art as a way to memorialize lost loved ones. Ed created for me an “Spirit Beam” piece complete with Timber colors within the art work. I was amazed and emotionally moved by this extraordinary glass art work.

On Christmas day, I gave the Timber piece to Andrew, now 25 years old. Andrew, himself an artist, was in awe of the artistic workmanship of the glass art. I asked him to read the inscription on the bottom and then look closely inside the art work. After reading “Timber” he realized he was looking at our beloved pet’s cremains embedded in this Spirit Beam. Needless to say, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

It is difficult to describe the emotional impact of such a beautiful memorial. At a glance, the Spirit Beam rekindles all of the feelings we had for our beloved pet. Andrew displays the Timber Spirit Beam art work on his fireplace mantle where it is illuminated 24/7. Ed has created 2 additional Timber pieces which are cherished by other family members. Andrew has stated several times this was the best gift he has received…ever!




Apollo was my K-9 partner for five years before he developed an illness that prevented him from not only serving the community but also from enjoying his life at home.  He was suffering and his life on earth ended sooner than we thought.  Not long after Apollo was gone, Ed and Carol Kachurik paid me a visit offering their condolences and wanted to help me cope with my loss. I told them I would like something to remember Apollo by; something that I could look at and say “Yep that’s my buddy” and keep part of him with me.  Ed created a sculpture with a little bit of Apollo’s ashes inside.  I immediately knew this was the perfect way to preserve the memories of my partner.  Today, the beautiful sculpture glows with a proud remembrance of a fallen Brother in Blue. 


Officer Michael D. Ondo



I have been a Veterinarian for more than forty years. In that time, I have helped many people say god bye to their beloved pet. Often these folks would express the uniqueness and the void of losing one of their best friends. Then a year or so ago, it happened to me. Maz was a one of a kind beagle, friend and hunting companion. When I lost him, good friends of mine Ed and Carol Kachurik suggested a glass sculpture memorial incorporating Maz’s ashes. I agreed and the result was a beautiful piece of art and a tribute to my friend. I cherish it as a wonderful reminder of the many great days that we spent together.

Robert E. Pitney VMD